Wax-A-Stache Original Moustache Wax is made from the finest ingredients and is available either Scented or Unscented. The Scented wax has an extremely pleasant scent of beeswax and very high quality musk amber. The smell is not at all intrusive or overbearing. The Unscented wax has no scent added, but it does still have the pleasant smell of beeswax. 

Wax-A-Stache is extra firm so your stache won't droop at the end of the day, and is wind and water resistant (my stache looks great after a day of motorcycle riding), but it does wash out with soap and water. 

Wax-A-Stache is natural in color, which means that it looks golden in the tin, but is clear once applied.

Wax-A-Stache 1oz. Tin