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       it started as a joke...       



My name is Trey Sansom, and I am the founder of Wax-A-Stache Premium Moustache Wax. I have always been known for the beards that I grow, and in the summer of 2012, I had a humongous beard, and I decided to curl my stache as a joke since I already had an ample amount of whiskers to work with. I used what I had on hand, a bottle of hair gel and a hair dryer. Even though I did it as a joke, everyone who saw it thought that it was awesome, and so I decided to keep curling the crumb catcher. That's when the search for the perfect wax began.


I started with the stuff that comes in the little metal tube, and while it held my stache, there was something in it that literally made my lip twitch with muscle spasms, so it had to go. I tried a lot of other brands, but I just couldn't find a wax that would keep the gravity defying curl that I prefer up all day, much less when I ride my motorcycle, and since I have always been a DIY kind of guy, I decided to make my own.


I experimented with a few different formulas, and I finally found the perfect ingredients, formula, and technique to craft a moustache wax that was both firm and sticky. I then took it on a test ride on the motorcycle, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I never intended to start a business, but my stache was starting to garner the attention of other facial hair fanatics, and they wanted to know what I used to keep my handlebars up. When I told them that I made it myself, they asked if I would sell some, and Wax-A-Stache was born.  

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