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How to Apply Wax-A-Stache


  1. After bathing, dry your stache with a towel and comb through it.

  2. Using your finger nail, push over the surface of the Wax-A-Stache like a bulldozer until there is a small amount of wax on the top of your nail.

  3. Take the wax from your nail and place it between your thumb and index finger and rub them together to warm the wax.

  4. Once the wax is warm, apply to your stache starting at the roots of your whiskers towards the tips.  The amount of wax needed will vary from stache to stashe depending how long your whiskers are and what style you wear your stashe.

  5. Style your stache with either your fingers or a comb. (Remember to keep your comb clean or you will get goop in your stache)

  6. Experiment until you find the techniques that work best for you.

  7. Don't get discouraged. Remember that it sometimes takes a while to train your stache, so keep at it!


How to Remove Wax-A-Stache


Wax-A-Stache can be washed out using warm water and soap/shampoo.

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